WeTherapy Ecosystem

WeTherapy is the platform that provides one point of access to connect with the complete traditional medicine ecosystem that includes practitioners, clinics and products / services. The WeTherapy platform also utilises its powerful AI tools to leverage the traditional medicine ecosystem to create personalised holistic health and wellness solutions. The open architecture platform includes an online clinic management module for clinic operators and practitioners and a consumer app that connects individuals directly to practitioners for health consultations.

AI driven assistive diagnosis

WeTherapy uses proprietary technology, analytics and AI to provide consumer sand practitioners with assistive diagnostic tools that enable telehealth for Chinese medicine. In addition to the AI driven assistive diagnostic tools, the WeTherapy platform also creates personalised health bundles based on Chinese medicine theory and uses its AI tools to predict which health bundles are relevant for each consumer to minimise the potential for a health event in the next season / cycle.

Supporting health through prevention and protection

The strong preventative focus of Chinese medicine on prevention of illness and sustaining of good health is a core component of the WeTherapy platform and personalised health bundles. As seasons / cycles change so can the internal balance of an individual and through the WeTherapy app consumers remain informed of actions they can take to maintain good health, communicate with practitioners when needed and obtain all required products and services from the comprehensive WeTherapy ecosystem.

WeTherapy bundled health solutions

Chinese medicine theory defines health solutions that are holistic in nature, i.e. they involve a diagnosis, treatments, therapies, herbal remedies, diet changes, life-style actions and movement techniques. Through WeTherapy’s proprietary algorithms that use platform data and Chinese medicine theory, the platform dynamically creates the bundles health solutions individualised for consumers by packaging products and services for various providers on the platform. The comprehensive WeTherapy bundle solutions options combine additional complementary products and services such as insurance and supplements bridging the divide between Chinese and Western medical practice.