The WeTherapy Platform

WeTherapy App

The WeTherapy App connects individuals to the WeTherapy ecosystem. Individuals can connect with clinics to make and manage bookings, review their treatment notes, receive alerts and notifications of health actions to take and purchase Chinese medicine products required for their treatments.

In addition, the App also connects individuals with Chinese medical practitioners who can provide telehealth services where it is not possible to visit a clinic. The App incorporates WeTherapy’s AI driven assistive diagnostic tools as well as the AI driven predictive health solutions bundles.

The App provides individuals with one point of access to manage their health and sustain good health.

WeTherapy Clinic Management System

The WeTherapy Clinic Management System provides a innovative platform for managing Chinese medicine clinics. The Clinic Management System enables seamless communication between the clinics, its practitioners and patients, provides a high level of data security and patient privacy, and has been designed specifically the managing Chinese medical clinics.

Comprehensive functionality that is designed modularly that can be implemented by modules and expanded as required. The system allows the management of clinic operations, management of appointments, resource scheduling, patient record collection and diagnosis and treatment management. Practitioners can communicate directly and seamlessly with their patients from the Clinic Management System to the Patient’s WeTherapy App. The Clinic Management System also caters for clinics that manage their own dispensaries and provides functionality to support dispensary operations.