Achieving Health Longevity Through Traditional Approaches

Solutions that provide greater periods for the longevity of good health and wellbeing

Our Mission

Enabling individuals and their families to achieve longevity of good health and wellbeing through holistic preventative actions that are appropriate for each person’s individual cycle stage and body constitution and connecting each individual to a comprehensive health ecosystem while also providing the protecting needed for when significant unforeseen health events do occur

Our Experience

A unique combination of capabilities that includes western and traditional medicine, years of experience operating traditional medicine clinics in Asia combined with team members who have deep expertise with design and development of large technology platforms and data science techniques. In addition the founders and management team have an extensive network of business partner and relationships as a result of their many years of working across Asia

Our Approach

A platform connecting a comprehensive health ecosystem using AI apply an individual’s health data to the extensive body of traditional medicine theory to create personalised bundled health solutions for each cycle, season and changes in body constitution combined with the embedding of directly relevant protection for unforeseen adverse health events into the health solutions through a seamless and value apparent process

Our Team

Having identified a solution to solve the challenge of conveniently obtaining holistic preventative health care based directly on traditional medical theory the founders established a team with capabilities across western and traditional medicine, platform business strategy and design, large scale technology architecture and design and data science to create WeTherapy.

The management team have many years of experience operating across the Asian markets with deep relationships within a number of countries that has enabled WeTherapy to create an ecosystem of traditional health providers, complementary health product and service providers and health protection policy providers. The established partners include traditional medicine clinic networks, hospitals, practitioners and large companies who are facilitating access to the WeTherapy traditional medicine ecosystem for their many millions of customers.