``Traditional medicines, of proven quality, safety, and efficacy, contribute to the goal of ensuring that all people have access to care. For many millions of people, herbal medicines, traditional treatments, and traditional practitioners are the main source of health care, and sometimes the only source of care. This is care that is close to homes, accessible and affordable. It is culturally acceptable and trusted by large numbers of people. The affordability of most traditional medicines makes them all the more attractive at a time of soaring health-care costs and nearly universal austerity. Traditional medicine also stands out as a way of coping with the relentless rise of chronic non-communicable diseases.``

Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General

Accessing sustained health

Connecting the comprehensive ecosystem of traditional medicine through technology and making it broadly accessible

Moving beyond the clinic

The WeTherapy platform is moving traditional medicine beyond the clinic through its telehealth services. In addition to providing practitioners with a comprehensive clinic management platform, the WeTherapy platform will allow practitioners to connect with existing and prospective patients beyond their clinic walls.

AI based assistive diagnostic tools

Using the latest AI technology, WeTherapy is creating suite of tools to support practitioners both in-clinic and through telehealth that support the traditional medicine diagnosis process by conducting a preliminary diagnosis using the pillars of traditional medicine diagnosis the extensive body of traditional medicine theory.

Proactively supporting sustained health

Combining patient history, relevant external data, traditional medical theory and AI, WeTherapy undertakes predictive analysis to identify potential internal imbalances that individuals may be more prone to in the next season / cycle stage and creates bundled health solutions to mitigate those imbalances and health effects.

Connecting to the ecosystem

The WeTherapy mobile app provides one point of access to the traditional medicine ecosystem including practitioners, clinics, products and services. Individuals can connect directly practitioners, undertake consultations and have their health needs fulfilled. Individuals can track their health progress and practitioners can actively engage and support an individuals health.

Addressing Unmet Needs


Provides WeTherapy clients with both mobile and online access to a comprehensive range of personalised preventative and recuperative healthcare solutions.

Consumers have online mobile access to Chinese medicine clinics and doctors to make appointments

Consumers have online mobile access to clinicians and doctors for remote diagnosis and the provision of prescribed appropriate medicines.

consumers have online mobile access to ancillary product and service providers

Consumers have online mobile access to healthcare education information and discussions.

Consumers are a key member of a vast Chinese medicine ecosystem.

A natural way to improve your health.


Chinese medicine Clinics and practitioners have free online access to clinic management software modules which manage the entire operations of the clinic or practice and all of the interactions with their clients

WeTherapy delivers efficiencies, clients and increased revenues to clinics

Low cost option to scale the clinic business or practitioner business

Enables clinics and practitioners to provide mobile/out-of-clinic services

Enables clinics to provide their clients with a broad range of treatment complementary products

Wider and deeper reach to clients

A natural way of improving your health.

Product + Service Providers

Ancillary product and services providers can join the WeTherapy ecosystem and utilise the WeTherapy AI services to provide targeted ecommerce access for consumers to view and purchase their products or services

Cost efficient new entry to the vast China Chinese medicine market

Provides targeted marketing solutions to prequalified individuals

Allows product bundlers to efficient access to a wider relevant audience.

Promotes bundled solutions to a wider audience beyond own client base

Enables western supplement providers to reach the Chinese medicine market.

A natural way of improving your health.

Insurers and Financial Services Providers

Insurance companies and financial services providers including Banks are utilising the WeTherapy ecosystem and AI services to provide targeted relevant healthcare financial products and services to their own clients.

Provides a whole new way to sell health related insurance and financial products.

Allows insurance and financial services companies to sell policies with embedded health bundles.

Can provide health bundles with insurance embedded products

High frequency, high quality contact with potential insurance clients enables rich data for modelling

Insurance relevant population data sets for the Chinese medicine industry.

A natural way of improving your health

Education + Knowledge Leaders

Healthcare education providers use the ecosystem WeTherapy AI services to provide targeted access to consumers for relevant courses and activities

Provides data on Chinese medicine treatment theories and results

Offer online accredited courses

Ensure correct information for treatments is market available

Provide information on new health issues like COVID-19

A natural way of improving your health.